Monday, 29 August 2016

She Writes Like No One's Watching

Tonight I felt compelled to write a short little paragraph about a handful of my favourite bloggers.  I often feel that bloggers don't get a whole lot of recognition for the amount of work they put in.  However, once I began writing it became apparent that there is only one blogger I should be writing about.

Charlotte from Write Like No One's Watching is the only blogger I've been a loyal reader to for longer than two years.   I first found Charlotte in late 2011, and I think that was the year she began her blog if I recall correctly.  She has a beautiful style of writing and it always feels like she's talking to me personally as opposed to reading a highly impersonal post.  I was 18 when I found her blog and it was essentially love at first sight (or site .. depends if you're looking for a good pun or not.  I love puns), lets be real here.  I'm 24 now and I feel like i've grown up with Charlotte, and I feel like I know her.  Yes, I know, that's strange.  How can I possibly know someone I've never met or even had a conversation with?

I remember her before she was a mum, before William and certainly before Daisy.  I loved reading anything about her very handsome dog, Max.  I remember when she used a Billy Joel lyric for a blog title and I probably lost my shit a little.  If you don't know, I'm a ginormous Billy Joel fan.  Any slight reference to him will probably make me like you a whole lot more.

Oh holy Jesus.  I wanted to double check that she did actually use a lyric in a post and I found a guest post I wrote in 2011.  The embarrassment is real, I'll tell you that now.  But it proves I have been reading her blog since forever, okay?!

Embarrassment aside, Charlottes blog is an absolute pleasure to read.  She has come such a long way and I feel privileged that I've been around to read anything and everything she has written. It feels like I've been there through it all with her; new homes, babies, break ups, new relationships, new adventures, we should really be besties if I'm being brutally honest with you.  Char, can I call you Char?  I crochet.  Please let me crochet cute things for your children?  Jings, I sound like a creep.  I'm not a creep, honest.

I was over the moon for Charlotte, Mark and William when Daisy was born.  Holy moly, Daisy is the most beautiful little girl I ever did see.  She will be just like her brother when she's bigger - a heartbreaker.  They are so unbelievably sweet and funny.  I just know she is proud of them both, and proud to be their Mama.

As great a writer as she is, that's not why I continue to follow her.  She is honest, genuine and relatable.  You know she only writes about what she wants to write about.  I like that she'll post a video on YouTube bare faced, hair not done and possibly in her pyjamas.  Or she'll post about her fears of passing on her syndrome to her children.  That's real life.  She also engages with her readers and is ever so kind.  I love that she isn't the sort of person that ignores comments or questions.

I guess in a lot of ways Charlottes blog, more so than her YouTube channel, is a virtual comfort blanket for me.  My life hasn't gone as I had planned it would, and I'm only now, at 24 years old, starting to do the things to get me where I want to be.  Write Like No One's Watching has been constant.  It's never been neglected, it's never forgotten about, it's always there.  I fully appreciate the amount of work Charlotte has put into her blog, she really has created a beautiful, well written, engaging blog.

So, Charlotte, if you ever read this thank you for being you.  Thank you for giving me something to read over the past 5 years.  Thank you for sharing your life and having, what I think, the best blog I've read.  You deserve all the awards!!

I suggest you head over to her blog right now and give her blog a good read.  You wont regret it.  And if my memory is correct she's a bit of a musical theatre buff like me so not only is she a good egg, she's a cool kid too.  Just sayin'.

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  1. This is lovely! I've just come across your blog and now have two more favourites on my list, absolutely love the design of your blog and I can't wait to explore some more! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)