Sunday, 28 May 2017

Walt Disney World Planning | ADR's

If I was more organised, there would be a "booking my holiday" sort of post, but there isn't, so we're going to jump straight in to dining reservations.

In February, I made my advance dining reservations (ADR's) for my trip to Disney World this summer.  It's my first time doing this as the last two trips we took food into the parks, ate quick service, and ate outside the parks, so onside dining isn't something I have done or have much knowledge about.  As it's just my mum and I going, there's only two people to please which made this whole process a lot easier.

After watching countless vlogs, reviews and reading up on various restaurants months before we could even do our ADR's, we both wrote a list of "must do's".  So basically, just where we absolutely had to go.  My top pics were Be Our Guest so I could meet Beast, the Hoop Dee Doo, 50's Prime Time, and Trattoria Al Forno for the new character breakfast.   Mums's were "wherever I can meet Donald Duck".  Thanks mum, that was more helpful than you knew!

Okay, so I'm going to be completely honest here.  I had every single one of our days planned for at least 2 months before our ADR day and from that decided on where to eat depending on what park we were in.   Every time i'd suggest somewhere mum would respond "whatever, yeah that sounds good".  Not so helpful, but none the less we got there in the end.

So, our reservations are:

  1. Crystal Palace -  breakfast
  2. 50's Prime Time Cafe - lunch
  3. Hoop Dee Doo - dinner
  4. Rose & Crown - dinner
  5. T-Rex - dinner
  6. Garden Grill - breakfast
  7. 1900 Park Fare - breakfast
  8. Be Our Guest - dinner
  9. Tusker House - lunch
  10. Beaches & Cream - lunch
  11. Trattoria Al Forno - breakfast
  12. Garden Grill - dinner

We still have one credit left to use (Hoop Dee Do uses 2 each) so we'll have to have a think about where to use that.  As you can see we have a lot of character dining, which is such a great way to meet characters, without the long wait in line.  I'm most looking forward to the Hoop Dee Doo.  It's something i've wanted to do for a couple of years so I'm over the moon I finally get to experience it for myself instead of vicariously through other people on youtube!

I'm more excited about this trip than words could ever describe.  More planning posts will be coming over the next few months, including some of the ways I have made money to pay for this, our fastpass+ choices, what non-Disney activities we are planning as well as my WDW 2017 bucket list and our must do's (yes, that is different than a bucket list!).

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Starting Over And Letting Go

For the past year or two I've felt that life has kept throwing me curve balls.  It's almost been suffocating.  There have been moments where I've managed to catch my breath for just a quick second, before something else comes to knock the wind out of me.  As a result of this, my mental health has suffered.  But, what if it is all my fault?  

Once upon a time, I was a happy, positive person.  Everything was sunshine and rainbows.  But  as I grew older and started dealing with more grown up, adult things, that all changed.   I let things get me down.  I allowed life and other people to have an impact on my mood, on how I felt.  I imagine it is probably normal, but that doesn't make it okay in my opinion.

Work has been a massive issue for me for almost a year.  So I've decided to quit in a few months time.  I don't have anything to go to nor am I going to look for another job.  Getting on top of my mental health and taking care of myself is more important to me than any permanent employment.  Instead I'm going to save for the next few months, and work hard to become self employed.  If other people make it work, so can I.  And I will. 

Today, March 1st 2017, I am making a huge change in my life.  And, if you know me, you'll know that any "huge change" always starts with cleaning the house, changing the beds and opening every single window in the house!  I'm letting go of the negative energy that I have been clutching so hard to.  I'm no longer going to say "I can't".  I can do anything I put my mind to and I will.  I'm a very sensitive soul, but have so much love and happiness inside that I have been suppressed for so long.  It's time to get myself back out there and be the Meg that I really am!  I'll finally go on that date with that boy that has been asking me out for a couple of years, rekindle friendships with old friends that have started inviting me out places and actually make an effort with my hair and make up so I'm selfie ready at any given moment.  I'm also going to make more of an effort with the new friends I have made, some of who might be reading this.  This is just the start for me and I've never felt so positive about anything before. 

I'd like to start blogging frequently so if you have any requests for any posts you'd like to see, then please let me know.  

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year | Looking Back At 2016

Goodness, 2017 already.  I could swear it was only January 2016 five minutes ago.  To be perfectly honest, I’m glad to see the back of 2016.  It wasn’t the greatest year, was it? However, in saying that, there were plenty of highlights.  For me anyway.  So naturally i thought I would take this opportunity to look back at my top 3 highlights 2016. 

  1.  My dog.  Daisy has without a doubt been my favourite thing about last year.  She just keeps on getting funnier the older she gets!  Recently she’s started doing this very quiet, constant whine.  I compare it to the sound that a horcrux makes in Harry Potter, it’s hilarious. 
  1. I passed my first year of university.  Considering it took me a long time to get to university for various reasons, I’m pleased I passed first year! 
  1. Walt Disney World happened (again).  There are no words for how much I love that place, it really is my happy place.  So many things happened whilst we were there that still make me laugh so hard when I think about them.  Some are far too embarrassing to share, not only for me, but mum too.  I need to respect her privacy and all!  But honestly, we had a great time. 

I have massive plans for this year, I can’t begin to explain how excited I am!  For instance, I will start weekly vlogging, I’m going on my first girls holiday, I turn 25, I go back to Walt Disney World and get to spend my birthday there.  There are also plenty of other exciting things, but for now they will stay under wraps.  Not everything goes to plan and for that reason I’d like to save myself the embarrassment.  

From the bottom of my heart, I truly hope 2017 brings amazing things your way.  Not only that, but I hope that you are proactive in making things happen for yourself!  If you would like to follow me on my journey through life this year then please subscribe to my youtube channel here.  My first weekly vlog will be up next Monday, so the 9th.  I would appreciate the support, and if Disney blogs are your thing then they will be coming your way in September.